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In Ingrid's experience, proper channels tended to have a habit of getting clogged. At this rate, by the time she received the pathologist's report, it would have been suded by the coroner's inquest. With Detective Mills safely occupied on another part of campus, Ingrid set about her task with something close to enthusiasm. At least this was real investigative work. A step up from babysitting distraught witnesses. The appointment of a high-powered lawyer seemed to have worked wonders for Madison Faber. She had been released buy youtube views without charge, but informed that she couldn't leave the country until the police investigation had been completed. Ingrid had already tried to contact the student to arrange a meeting ahead buy youtube views of the next round of police interviews, but got the voicemail each time. So far Faber hadn't returned her calls. Ingrid made her way to the large cafeteria on the other side of the piazza. It was housed in one of the traditional Edwardian red brick buildings. Inside, it was furnished with long wooden refectory tables and benches, coats of arms decorating the walls just below the high ceiling. Despite the dark wood and stone floors, youtube the cafeteria was actually quite a welcoming space. The students were more relaxed than they had been outside, most of google them chattering noisily to one another, raising their voices to be heard above the general din. She grabbed a plastic tray and joined the line waiting for hot food, hoping to tune into any conversations where Lauren Shelbourne's name was mentioned. She didn't have to wait long. Two excited teenagers lined up behind her. They were already in full flow, speculating about the death. Martina said they found her naked. Raped, Martina said. The police think it might be a serial killer, one girl said. Who else has he killed? Well no one yet--no one we know about. But all serial killers have to start somewhere, don't they? She shuddered. God--makes me glad I'm still living at home. I about the commute, but being two bus rides away actually makes me feel safer. I wonder who's going to be next. There was a definite mawkish thrill in her tone. Ingrid took a good look at them. They were ordinary students, a little bookish maybe. One was sporting Harry Potter style spectacles, the other a wild head of red hair stuck up in a ragged bun held together by an HB pencil. Nice girls. Why were they talking about the suious death of a fellow student as if it were the latest installment of their favorite soap opera? Ingrid reached the cold plates and helped herself to falafel and salad. At the checkout she was charged a ridiculously small amount for a meal that would have cost over ten bucks in Washington. Either the price was a reflection on the quality of the food, or the result http://www.getmytimesharesold.com/ of a heavily subsidized cafeteria. It didn't really matter which, she had no intention of eating. She found a place at the buy youtube views center of one of the long wooden tables where she could listen to a variety of conversations while she pla with her food. But as soon as she sat down the surrounding chairs were vacated. Just as she was wondering whether she'd forgotten to apply deodorant after her run that morning, a gawky, geeky teen shoved his food tray onto the table and sat down heavily on the hard wooden bench directly opposite her. His plate was stacked high with fries, a pie all but buried beneath them. She watched as he smothered the whole lot in tomato ketchup and